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Christians must say no to Socialism!


“This is an issue between democracy and socialism. Now when we talk about socialism that sounds politically incorrect but as a Catholic I earned a free pass to talk about socialism because others who had stood with us have died at the hands of the socialists for the past two centuries.”

“And we know a little something about religious persecution and I’d like to share a few reflections. The first is whenever we have a religious liberties stopped it is a hallmark of socialism and will not be compatible with Christianity for two reason. Personal choice, and private property. Personal choice has to do with the personal conscious because you’re responsible and accountable for all the things that God has given to us. That allows us to private property so we can than generous and return it to Lord and savior. Government, socialists want to take that responsibility away from us.”

“That goes against our religion. We see — we believe conscience and private property are not human ideas. They come from God. Not from humans.”

“Socialists do not accept biblical truth. They do not understand natural law. You see we believe these are from our creator endowing with the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Sounds familiar? It should because they are framed in our constitution. Therefore we know that socialism will never be compatible with our democracy the way we have it. As we face this third century of this threat I as a Catholic invite everyone of conscious to join us in this fight against our religious liberty.”

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