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Ding dong Osama is dead!

Sunday May 1st 2011 was a great day because was the day ot the death of Osama bin Laden.

He was killed by the Navy Seals Team 6, after a great operation led by the U.S. Intelligence Comunity and the U.S. Military. An operation made possible by the Bush Administration that put in place all the policies and tools used by the Obama Administration now.

All the credit goes to them all!

The only thing that President Obama did right was to not dismantle that structure that led to the killing (Gitmo…) and the fact that he authorized hte mission, even after 16 hours of reflection.

Now Obama is using this death to boost his pool numbers that are really low, thinkning about the 2012 campaign and this, for me, is really shameful!

The War on Terror is not won but this is a great step forward victory.

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